Evidence based medicine – statistical evaluation of patient data of Ludwig Boltzmann Acupuncture Institute

E. Wolkenstein
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut fur Akupunktur, Kaiserin Elisabeth – Spital, Huglgasse 1-3, A-1150 Wien, Austria

Evidence based medicine (EBM) is the trend for our new millenium. The differentiation between empirical therapeutics and controlled clinical data is one of the basic interest of EBM. The necessity to carry out scientific quality management in the area of complementary medicine will gain more importance. It will decide in how far complementary methods of treatment will be accepted as of the same value as orthodox medicine. In Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Acupuncture in Vienna we have been carrying out statistical evaluation of patient data for several years. We want to demonstrate not only the increase of complaint, but also the relevance of treatment in a sense of social policy. This concerns the costs of treatment as well as the consumption of medicaments and the days of retirement.