Extremely high frequency (EHF) puncture and related technique

Dr. M. Teppone – M.D., Dr. R. Avagyan – M.D., Dr. S.Elmen – M.D., Dr. S. Vesnin

EHF-PUNCTURE: The EHF-Puncture applies low intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of millimeter (MM) band [frequencies: 30 to 300 GHz or wavelengths: 10 to 1 mm]. In spite of the fact, that EHF-Puncture proclaims the same principles as traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion, one may point at the most important features of this new version of the needleless influence on acupoints.

EHF-Puncture is non-invasive and painless. MM EMR can stimulate different kinds of Arrival of Qi phenomenon without needle manipulation not only at the place of influence but at the place of Qi-disorders directly: so, corporal traditional acupoints as well as points of different microsystems Ear, Palm, Sole, Nose and Pulse points, may be applied to treat various diseases. The specific feelings at any places appearing during EHF-influence upon acupoints give possibility to individualize the duration of treatment: reinforcing (1-3 min.) or reducing (15-30 min.) methods.

EHF-Puncture and any methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TOM), including acupuncture (in case of Heat syndromej; moxibustion (in case of Cold Syndrome), oriental pharmacology and Qi Gong, may be combined to enhance the treatment efficiency.

Special devices [“Artsakh”] intended for EHF-Puncture therapy have been developed and manufactured. These devices are used on a solid state MM generator with a microprocessor managing system. They provide three radiation modes: coherent radiation at the frequencies of absorption lines of oxygen [60. 0 and 118. 0 GHz], “noise” -like radiation [from 42 to 95 and from 90 to 160 GHz] and combined radiation. It is possible to adjust output power, internal amplitude modulation (1-200 Hz) and exposure time. The generator head of each device may be provided with infrared or colour radiation.

DIAGNOSTIC DEVICES: To help doctors to put traditional Chinese diagnosis (“Excess” or “Deficiency”, “Heat” or “Cold”) a new version of a PC- apparatus complex has been developed. It is based on the well known Ryodoraku (measuring the electrical conductivity of the “meridians”) and Akabane (measuring the sensitivity of acupoints to heat) principles together with the traditional oriental chronotherapy.

Another special diagnostic device called “ACUVISION” has been developed for the purposes of testing the functional status of the patients’ acupoints and channels. This device visualizes acupoints with low electrical resistance by means of illumination in a high-voltage corona discharge field. Intensity of illumination and relaxation time can be used as criteria of “Excess” syndrome at the certain acupoints and channels. “ACUVISION” visualizes acupoints on human or animal skin as well as on the surface of plants.

A medical radiothermograph (RTM-01) has been developed for the early detection of internal organs diseases. The detection of pathology is conducted by measuring intensity of natural electromagnetic radiation from the patients’ internal tissues at microwave range and from the skin at the infrared range. As the changes in the tissues temperature precede the structural changes, radiothermograph can be used to diagnose diseases at the early stage and also to control the efficiency of any kind of therapy. During EHFPuncture temperature changes on the skin surface and inside the body correlate with the arrival of Qi phenomenon and help a doctor to optimize the treatment regimen. Due to the absolute harmlessness of this examination it can be applied many times without any danger.

Thus, the complex of diagnostic and therapeutic devices based on the ancient theory of TCM and modern technology may provide early detection of any diseases and high efficiency of their treatment.