High frequency ozone therapy on the base on acupuncture systematics

Umlauf Richard
Fugnerova 35 , 613 00 BRNO , Czech Republic

HFOT is a non-invasive therapy as a component of the biocybernetic medicine. During the alternating current of 150000 V,0,065 A and 1-2 million discharges/sec. ,the ions remain on their places, their concentration doesn’t change and the security of the organism isn’t threatened. Using the HFOT by the apparatus TEFRA N 53 Standard III (Messerschmidt ,Berlin ) ,we evaluated the possibilities of complementary diagnostics (the modification of AKABANE’s test , finding out the s.c. disturbing fields and eliminating them) and the therapy based on the essential principles of acupuncture in selected acupuncture zones, course of meridians, in the microzones of acupuncture microsystems including the oral cavity and according to the principles of the Korean SU JOK Therapy on both hands and feet.

The most frequent indications : Pains , disorders of the motor and sensitive functions of the spine , locomotor apparatus , the nervous system (including the vegetative one ) , allergic and another diseases of the respiratory system , skin , excessive failing out the hair , hard of hearing, tinnitus etc. The HFOT led to improvement or retreat of troubles in all 500 tested patients depending on the proportionality between the functional and organic component of the disease given. HFOT influenced the general physical and psychic conditions also in 18 patients after the chemotherapy of metastatic cancer diseases very positively.

We regard therefore the HFOT as a valuable contribution both to the treatment of acute and chronic painful conditions and to the therapy especially of oxydation , blood supporting , metabolism and immunity system disorders of the human body.