Immunity deficiency caused by the Chernobyl disaster and its treatment

L. Kravrchen
Chech Republic

As a result t of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the regions, contaminated by radionuclides, there considerably increased the number of people, suffering from chronic immunity deficiency and degeneration diseases, with characteristic high oncologic predisposition, inclitation to infection, autoimmune reactions, polymorphic nature of disorders, progredient development.

In the examined group of patients the predominant astheno-anergic syndrome directly or indirectly stipulated all aspects of the patient’s activity: psychic, physical, social, individual etc. ,and the subsequent abundance of complains results in making a wrong diagnosis, e.g. hypochondriacal neurosis. Immunity disorders were more obvious at a cell immunity level (decrease of the number and activity of B- and T-lymphocytes), moderate reduction of immunoglobulin concentration, first of all IgG.

Our target has been to prove that there can be successfully used such additional non-medicamental methods, as acupuncture and related techniques, e.g. injection of homeopatic autonosodes into acupuncture points. A combination of the above methods, with each of them being able to influence integratively a regulative- informative systems of the body , allows to put into effect principles of holistic medicine to a fuller extent.

In accordance with the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine the above mentioned pathological cases can be described as QiJin deficiency in a system of Spleen-Liver, leading to disintegration of the correlation or Yin and Jang Kidney deficiency with a simultaneous Spleen damage. Kidneys are closely connected with the function of the brain, therefore in practice regulation of the brain activity is effected through Kidney stimulation. Typical signs of immunity deficiency can by considered pluriglandular disorder and especially inhibition of a thyroid gland activity, which can be effected through corresponding zones of the ear and Extra Meridians, relating to an endocrine system: Yinweimai and Chongmai.

Classic acupuncture by gold and silver needles has been used as well as acupuncture-Qigong and autonosode injections into acupuncture points (homeopuncture). The combination of acupuncture with Moxibustion was especially effective in treating children, however adult patients, taught to use the method, carried out Moxibustion without assistance at home, which undoubtedly substantially contributed to the treatment efficacy. As a rule, the treatment lasted from 6 months to 3 – 4 years, with immunological dynamics having been displayed in the growing number of B- and T-lymphocytes, NK-cells, their activity and an increased level of irnmunoglobulins and their isotypes. The direct correlation between dynamics of clinical signs and immunological signs has not been proved for certain.