Improving fitness by 3 minute Kyusho Exercise

Bodor G. – M.D.

According to the rules of Qi Gong and generally of Martial Arts, exercises of warming are important parts of training. In cases of emergency, we can not use long time lasting procedure. Specially optimized for police or military intervention.

In Kyusho jitsu, the foot stances are related to Elements too.

I try to postulate the method based on the basic principles of TCM, including Yin-Yang, 5 Phases Shen Cycle, to be prepared for fight or fly in some minutes.

The aim of exercise is to boost the energy level, enhance musculoskeletal fitness and cardiroespiratoric status.

By the way of a short (really 3 minute)  demonstration, every participants can understand and use this very simple method for self preparing to single or pulsating load.