Innovative neuraltherapy: systemic regulation and pain treatment with basic procain therapy

R. Oettmeier, U. Reutter,

As a local anaesthetic, procaine is distinguished by low toxicity, good controllability and high regulative potential.

The high-dose procaine basic infusion involves intermittent or continuous infusion/perfusion with procaine, sodium bicarbonate in an isotonic saline carrier solution. The infusion therapy elicits few side effects and a high level of regulative, pain therapy and antiphlogistic potency and can therefore be used in a wide variety of clinical pictures.

In the context of documented trials, 281 patients were given an intravenous short infusion, including a new method of specific dose titration of basic procain mixture. Use of the procaine basic infusion as described brought about a significant improvement from VAS 8.2 * 1.2 to 3.6 * 1.7 (p < 0.001 ) in pain following exercise and from VAS 5.6 * 1.1 to 1.9 * 1.6 (p < 0.001) in pain at rest. An improvement was still evident 3 months after treatment.

Based on the knowledge about the systemic use of highly dosed basic procain as describe above, a 12 to 24 h long-term application was developed, which in the meantime is used in the case of severe chronic inflammatory an algesiologic types of diseases. In principle, the presence of a regulative potency, the positive reaction to the infusion neural therapy in the run-up are regarded as the precondition for use. In an observation study with a total of 42 patients, a subcutaneous continuous infusion of 1 .0 – 1 .6 g procaine was applicated 24 hours by using a pump with a mean treatment period of 20 days. The treatment was well tolerated by the patients with comparatively few side-effects. Due to the therapy, the pain following exercise, pain at rest and the state in general were significant improved. Finally, the distinct decrease of C-reactive protein after treatment was shown. Inflammatory and rheumatic conditions benefited particularly, in some cases with complete remissions in episodes of colitis or arthritis being achieved.