Integrative application of both the acupuncture and dietology in coordinating the activities of the Wu-Xin systems.


Nutrition – is the main therapeutical factor by the means of which we can provide the first level of treatment. In Chinese medicine each qualitative aspect of the products is of a great and certain therapeutical value. By the way of direct influence upon the certain of the Wu-Xin elements it becomes possible to manage the functional activities of the entire body in Humans.


We have created a special diagnostic CT – program that provides the acupuncture doctor objective and valuable information, reflecting the balance of the main nutrition factors in the humans body.

By the mean of the date obtained it becomes possible to settle down the recommendations for the healthy way of leaving

Results obtained:

In acute conditions the treatment mainly starts with the acupuncture of 1-3 times treatment. Later on it may be associated by the dietotherapy.

In chronic conditions the more effective way to obtain good result is  to apply dietotherapy „per se”. The combination of both the methods provides good result in the  acute condition of the chronic disease.


It is  advisible to combine the proper dietotherapy  based on scientifically based recommendations.

Taking into consideration the dogmats of Wu-Xin systems interraction provide the best therapeutical results.