Laser acupuncture in the pediatrics.


In all areas of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a holistic view of treatment is a condition for a successful therapy. However, this is valid in quite a special manner for the pediatric patients, to be able to understand the special demands of a toddler or an adolescent child.

In my speech the differences are shown first between energy patterns of children and adults and the most frequent energetic derailments of children. In the second part, the terrific possibilities of the laser acupuncture in children – in combination with dietary consultation, herbs and phytotherapy– will be demonstrated.

The history of pediatrics as a specialization of the TCM decreases up to the time of the Song dynasty (960-1279). In contrast to the partly still widespread opinion, the old masters used the acupuncture quite early also with toddlers.

Many mnemonic codes deal with the special energy patterns of the children, thus, for example: “xiao ér bù zú” – “The spleen of a child is frequent too weak.” Spleen Qi deficiency in children in early infancy is a very frequent pattern and is often strengthened by the western eating habits. Hence regularly accordant illness patterns are diagnosed in the pediatrician’s office.

The light therapy in general has a similarly long tradition as the TCM. Already in the Rigveda, one of the oldest writings of the Hinduism (from 1750 to 1200 B.C.) treatment with sunlight is reported.

Also Hippokrates (460-377 B.C.) used light therapy in the treatment of skin illnesses. Experimental researches into the bio stimulatory effect of the laser go back to 1966. – The laser acupuncture has found its way into TCM treatments during the last years. Almost all traditional acupuncture points are also accessible for laser therapy. The short, absolutely painless laser therapy intervals offer in the acupuncture treatment of children and adults with needle phobias completely new possibilities. – For efficient ear acupuncture the following data are rough rule of thumb: With 10 mW: 30 seconds and with 150 mW: 5 seconds.

Beside the acupuncture effect the laser (“Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”) offers numerous other therapeutic possibilities. The systemic effects of laser are immune stimulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and blood circulation supporting. At cell level the energetic side is improved; since the cell respiration (and with it the supply of “ATP”) is optimized. In addition, the laser light is able to improve the protein synthesis and the collagen bandage fabric synthesis. The similar is valid for the DNA and RNA-synthesis.