“Laser acupuncture treatment relieving or controlling gynaecological problems.”



The purpose of the study is to examine patients’ responses to laser acupuncture treatment who presented at the practice with Dysmenorrhoea, Pre & Peri-menopausal Symptoms.


Each patient’s progress was assessed at the start of each visit over the course of their treatment. A Linear Analogue Scale (LAS) was used to measure patient responses to the acupuncture treatment. A patient’s first visit was regarded as a level 10 and was subsequently assessed at each subsequent treatment – (10 – 0)

A subsequent rating of 10-8 indicated no response to treatment and 3-0 indicated an excellent response to treatment -being virtually asymptomatic.


Entire data set for examining patient responses to treatment. The main variable of interest is the number of treatment sessions required for patients to reach their lowest satisfactory LAS score. The results show a significant recovery/cure rate for the particular conditions. Most patients sought acupuncture treatment because of side effects of conventional gynaecological treatment.


This clinical evaluation provides significant important positive data regarding the effectiveness of laser acupuncture in the treatment of the mentioned gynaecological problems in over 70 patients.