Laser puncture in the coniplex treatment of ankylosing spondylarthritis

Lipatova E.E., L.A.Lepilina, F.Kh.Kamilov, R.R. Tukhvatullin, Bashkatov S.A.
Bashkir Medical University. Ufa, Russia

Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) are the most important natural mucopolysaccharides. According to their level we can judge of the connective tissue basic substance state.

In ankylosing spondylarthritis (ASA) the tissue active metaplasia and ossification are pathogenetic links leading to the development and progression of the disease. Discoordination of intensiveness of destructive and reparative processes with progressing, connective structures disorganization occur.

Fifty patients with ASA were examined by us. All the patients underwent laser puncture (LP) therapy against the background of antiinflammatory processes.

The “Uzor” apparatus in the regiment of 80 Hz with an impulse capacity of 2-3 vt and exposure time of 15-18 minutes per a sitting was applied. Up to 8 biological active points was individual and traditional classical acupuncture laws were taken into consideration.

With large injured areas laser energy doses were increased. To prevent the disease complication the cousre was divided into several parts.

The recommended course was as follows:
The first 3 sittings were devoted to alleviation of painful sydromes. There was 3 day interval. The next 4 sittings were to relieve muscular tension with a 2 day interval. Then 5 LP sittings were carried out in vertebral areas, the most affected spinal sections. If the painful syndrome failed to reduce and there was no evidence of the spinal mobility increase, after 3-5 interval days a 4 day sitting according m Bu-se was carried out.

Our investigations have demonstrated the increase in GAG content correlating with the disease degree.

A tendency to normalization of the indices is evident after the LP course.