Laser therapy and immunostimulators in patients with acute orofacial infections

Kjusepashova Ts., Haydouchka I., Indjov St., Gospodinov D., Wurdjeva M
Dept. Physical Med. & Rehabil., Plovdiv Med. Institute, 15A V. Aprilov. -4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The acute orofacial infections often are therapeutical problem. The complex treatment of such patients include antimicrobial agents, surgical intervention, immunostimulation with Oxyrich and laser therapy.

Laser system “Six – L – IR” class IIIB, with active medium Ga As, l0w & λ – 904 nm was used. Two methods were applied: 1) distant, local with 100% power, 4000 Hz per 5 min and 400 Hz per 3 min and 2) laser punction for 60 sec in BAP V43, GI4, T14, E36 and point 55 of the ear.

Patients were treated for 10 days.

33 patients were tested for their phagocyte activity before and after the treatment. Nitro – blau – tetrazolium test (NBT) for enzymatic activity of the leucocytes was included also.

The antiinflammatory and biostimulating effect of the laser therapy is discussed.

These preliminary results emphasize the positive results from complex therapy including laser puncture and immunostimulators in patients with acute orofacial infections