Laserpuncture in patients with rheumatoids arthritis

Poliakova A.G., Gladkova N.D., Triphonova T.D.
Russia 603155 N. Novgorod., V. Volznskava Nab., 18., Research Institute of Traumatology & Orthopedics

At present time various methods of laser therapy (LT) are widely used in rheumatoids arthritis (RA) treatment.

The purpose of investigation: to determine of laserpuncture (LP) clinical effectiveness among other LT methods in RA concerning pain and articular inflammation.

Results of treatment in 330 patients with diagnosed RA in acute phase in resistance of bases therapy (voltaren, indometacin in 100-150 mg during 24h.) were studied.

The investigations were carried out with double-blind controlled placebo tests. Intravascular radiation (IR) with wavelength 0.63 mkm , articular surface radiation (ASR) with wavelength 0,82 mkm in continuos regime and LP with 0,89 mkm in pulsed modulated regime with frequency 1-100 Hz methods were compared.

Assessment results of treatment in all groups was performed in accordance with integral clinical value and blood indexes dynamics.

Results indicated positive effects (65%) in patients treated with ASR and LP and were similar. However, ASR method requires 100 points/session versus 10 points/session in LP. Methods of ASR and LP in doses 0,004-0,02 Dj/sm2 (density of energy flow) provided maximal analgesic effect without any side effects and complications. Usage of IR was less effective (12%) and in two cases status impairment or pain and articular syndrome activization were seen.

Conclusion: LP is an optimal supplementary method (in above mentioned parameters) in RA treatment, In our opinion, IR method of LT has some disadvantages and less efficiency. Thus, this method should not be recommended in RA treatment.