Latest development ECIWO acupuncture

Pro f., Dr. T. T. Ang – M. D.

In 1959, Charles Darwin published his famous work the Origin of Species. In his work, he discussed the correlation between certain parts of an organism. For example, hairless dogs have imperfect teeth; pigeons with feathered feet have skin between their outer toes; pigeons with short beaks have small feet and those with long beaks have large feet. However, he failed to explain his findings nor a general law governing the distribution of those correlated regions.

Diagram of groups of holographic points in the side of the second Metacarpal. Left map of acupuncture points. Right references anatomic map of the point position.

1n 1973, Prof. Ying Qung Zhang stumbled across numerous existence of physiologically or pathologically correlated regions in the human body as well as the general law of distribution governing these correlated regions. The discovery had a direct application in medicine later on.

The ECIWO system got its name from the Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism, first suggested in 1973 by Professor Zhang of Shandong University, China. Initiate efforts to spread his idea came in the form of conferences and seminars only held in China. The first opportunity to introduce this idea to the world came in 1990 during the 1st International Congress of ECIWO Biology (held in Singapore). The event attracted participants from more than 27 countries. Following the success of the first conference, the 2nd International Congress of ECIWO Biology was held in Norway in 1992.

Apart from Professor Zhang, there are some other people who have also made contributions towards ECIWO biology. Professor Yong Zhai Ye of Fujian Agricultural University, China published a book on ECIWO biology in 1988, to help the ECIWO concept gain recognition and acceptance during the early stage at the development.

In 1994, Professor Lai Tian Li of Shandong Medical University published his first book relating Medical application with ECIWO. In 1993, Professor Yi Xu Zhang of Datong wrote a book with similar concept of those from Professor Li. Around the same period in 1995, I derived a method called Embryo System of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture, otherwise known as the E-system, which was based upon the ECIWO concepts. The essential difference between the sole ECIWO concepts and of mine is that the former was built and evolved around the 2nd Metacarpal bone while mine can be applied to any part of the body.

The particular regions in the 2nd Metacarpal segmentum of the human hand will also correspond to particular regions of the body. There exists a physiological or pathological correlation between each pair of corresponding regions. The law of distribution of correlated regions on the 2nd Metacarpal segmentum is thus the same law at distribution of their correlated regions on the entire body. The E-system enables us to further apply such law with respect to the other part of the body instead of merely restricting to the 2nd Metacarpal bone. Till date, with my research and clinical experiences, I have been invited to give lectures / talks on E-system in countries like Russia, USA, France, Germany and India.