Magnetic Articles Using ‘Open Points’

Dr. Nimet Reshidi
Fener Kalamis Cad, Egemen Sock, Mercan Apt. Il7 Kalamis , Istanbul tel: 90 216 348 2963 , fax: 90 216 338 2938, Turkey

In the period of 1995 – 1998, magnetic articles therapy initiated to 955 cases with different disease, and 12 cases of them are migraine, thermalphobia, tinnitus nervosa, trigeminal neuralgia, hoarse, simple obesity, essential hypertension, cervical spondylosis, asthma, insomnia, menopause syndrome, facial paralysis who were fail to respond to classical acupuncture needle by myself.


1. 1500 gauss Eporee-bio-magnetic skin patch plaster. Made in TDK Corporation, Tokyo Japan

2. Ziwuliuzhu Calculating Plate; 2500gauss magnetic adsorbing needles; 40-100 gauss Magnetic bolls; 300 gauss Magnetic cup. All belongs to China.


Opening Points’ are selected according to the Ziwuliuzhu (Midday – Midnight Flowing and Pooling) acupuncture method. The time division when a patient calls on and ask for treatment. Basing on this method, according to the state of an illness and the symptom, coordinate another experimental points. Treatment was given three courses, ten times make a course. The interval between courses was three days, and suggested the magnetic skin patch plaster on the Eight Influential points Zhangmen (Liv-13), Tanzhong (Cv-17), Xuanzhong (Gb-39), Taiyuan (L-9), Zhongwan (Cv-12), Geshu (Ub-17), Dazhu (Ub-11), Yanglingquan (Gb-34)

During this course, suggested to drink the water which magnetized by Magnetic Cup in 1-2 hours, according to the thirsty, as a supplementary therapy.


On the 12 cases, the symptoms was controlled after one course and completely cured after three courses.


The effect of magnetic articles on acu-points are, in the final analysis, conditioned on the magnetic field. Effecting an acupuncture point by the magnetic field, increases the activity of some enzymes in the local area is and changes the excited state at former level, thus inducing to increase and decrease the bio electricity. The bio electric changes along the path of low impedance (meridians) reach the related organ in wave form, bringing into being “Qi Zhi Bing Suo” (Qi reaching to the affected area) and promoting recovery of part where pathological changes are found.