Mechanical puncture by medical treatment of peripherical nervous system diseases

Dr. A. Sivakov – M.D.

Using physical factors of the acupuncture points (physioacupuncture) is an effective method of various pathologic syndromes cure. The method of influence on acupuncture points using mechanical energy could be called mechanical acupuncture. Among all methods of mechanical acupuncture, phonoacupuncture takes a special place and consists in influence of ultrasound fluctuation energy on acupuncture points. We used focus ultrasound, when influencing on acupuncture points. In comparison to plate radiators, which create dispersing ultrasound waves, focus radiators can locally concentrate ultrasound energy, punctually deep in the tissue. For grounding of this cure method, some morphological, electrophysiological and clinical examinations were carried out.

The outcome of this morphological examinations let us set the acceptable parameters for the use of focus ultrasound, which does not damage soft tissues and nerve fibers. Comparing these results with those of the focus ultrasound thermal characteristics researches showed us that the temperature increase T (20 C) in the influenced area causes changes of tissue morphology, which can bring to the tissue degeneration. When using focus ultrasound on the acupuncture points (E36, 41), an improvement of the microcirculation and partial pressure of oxygen inlower extremity is registered. The experiment with focus ultrasound shows, that the back reaction of the peripheral nerve conductor depends on the influence intensity and can have roborant or dispersive character. By medical treatment of the vertebral lumbosacral radiculitis and radicular syndrome, we used focus ultrasound with the diagnostic purpose, in order to make sensitive disturbances more exactly and with the cure purpose too. All that had a high therapeutic effect.