Medical acupuncture, reflexology and laser acupuncture

Macheret E. – M.D., Ph.D, Korkushko A. – M.D., Ph.D., Lyapko N. – M.D.

The high rate of risk factors and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases in the structure of morbidity – these are only some reasons for seeking the proper and effective methods of treatment.

The methods of Western medicine are still not free from the limitations and side-effects.

Starting with the XX-th century methods of s.c. alternative medicinebecame still more and more popular among the population. The reasonable combination of both the Western and Oriental medical traditions seems the tough background for the medicine of XXI century.

Modern reflexology (RT) is based on the profound neuro-physiological background, as well as the deeep understanding of clinical anatomy and pathological physiology. This help to understand more deep the variety of clinical symptoms and signs of disease in modern clinic.

Modern diagnosis in RT is based on the qualitative evaluation of the clinical symdromology, this is the key-poin in contrast with the diagnostic criteria of Western medicine. The treatment itself is targeted towards the immunological resorces of the human systems, that is more reasonable in fighting the chronic, intractable, psycho-somatic diseases. Лечебное воздействие направлено, прежде всего, на повышение устойчивости организма и активацию защитных механизмов.

Methods of RT differs according to the nature of the applied stimulus. Among the most popular ones in Ukraine one still can find acupuncture and moxibustion. With the progress of modern medical technologies more and more popular became laser, electric-, magnetic- figh frequency modulated EAP, etc.

This is just a new quality of conventional acupuncture that opens the new horizonts for the clinical application of acupuncture system.

Starting with the 50-s of the XX-th century the clinical application of Chinese acupuncture started in the medical institutions of the former USSR (and in the Ukraine as well). It was accepted as a legal and equal in rights method of treatment.

The more intensive scientific investigations in the field of medical acupuncture started in Ukraine in late 70-s of the last century. The very first academic institution started with the programs on reflexology was National medical Academy in Kyiev, the departament of neurology and reflexology, headed by Prof., Dr. Eugenia Macheret.

In 1994.12.29 by the mean of special statement of the Ministry of public health the whole system of postgraduate education in reflexology was completed.

Actually, reflexology is enjoying the position of legal medical specialty in Ukraine.

There are 3 chairs of reflexology in Ukraine providing the specialization of MD,s.

In 1993 the Association for medical acupuncture and laser-therapy was established in Kiyev, becoming the Centre for the education and clinical application the conventional acupuncture and related techniques, providing the wide-range scientific investigations as well.

The Department of neurology and reflexology provides the specialization of different clinical specialists, within the 3 months training courses (486 h.) as well as the short-period advanced courses 0f 1 month (156 h.)

Low-energetic laser acupuncture is the main direction within the frames of scientific investigation of the initial mechanisms of reflexology. Starting with the 1979 over 1700 scientific reports, 20 monographs and 39 patents obtained by the colleagues of the Department.

Under the guidance of prof. Eugenia Macheret the elaboration of 50 thesis for M.D. degree, as well as 12 thesis for the Ph.D. were successfullt completed.

A wide range of medical devices for the laser acupuncture and thermopuncture were presented in cooperation with the „Biomed” Ltd. A completely new modification of reflexology – poplisegmental electroacupuncture ( PSG EAP) was eleborated under the guidance of prof., dr. A. Korkushko.

Reflexology is among the most popular methods of clinical medicine in Ukraine. Every year over 400.000 patients underwent treatment course of reflexology obtaining sufficient clinical result.