Medical Qi Gong workshop for physicians and acupuncturists

Steven K.H. Aung
Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Medical Clinic: 9904 -106 St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 1C4

Qi Gong is the discipline of enhancing the vital energy that animates all human beings-this is a physical, mental and spiritual phenomenon. Qi Gong is an essential part of what has been aptly termed the “great treasure house” of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It was defined as a key preventive and curative therapy over 2000 years ago, along with herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and other TCM therapeutic modalities. There are many schools and styles of Qi Gong. I have developed a gentle and harmonious “internal” style of Qi Gong, in keeping with my Buddhist heritage. Qi Gong encompasses exercises that stimulate a sense of total relaxation and, in so doing, facilitate health and well-being.

These begin with the four basic breathing techniques and then expand to include concentration and posture exercises. The essence of Qi Gong is to learn how to control the flow of vital energy throughout one’s body. Qi Gong is not a panacea, but a preventive and curative approach to primary care that complements biomedicine. It is, above all, a personal empowerment strategy and a way for physicians and acupuncturists to enhancing their healing ability. The medical Qi Gong I teach embodies appreciation of the natural environment as well as loving kindness and compassion, for without these no therapy can be truly worthwhile.