Modern approach to differentiate diagnosis of TCM

M. Teppone, S. Elmen, D. Bugaev, R. Avagyan

Traditional Chinese diagnosis is described by the principles of “Exterior” or “Interior”, “Excess” or “Deficiency”, “Heat” or “Cold” and Yang or Yin.

In this article we describe a new software/hardware complex, which is based on the measurements of the electrical conductivity of the 12 channels (“Ryodoraku” method developed by Y. Nakatany) and skin sensitivity towards increases in temperature at the projections of “Jing” points (developed by K.Akabane). Additional units of Auriculo- and tongue diagnosis will be incorporated during the next stage of the development.

The measurement process is adapted to reflect the individuality of a patient. Thus, there is a possibility for adjustment to “child”, “adult” and “old man” mode. In addition, the device incorporates the following features:

Screen: after the completion of measurements, a standard screen with the channels arranged in order of measurements (L-Pc-H-SI-TW-LI-Sp-Liv-K-BGB-St) may be switched over to the special screens to arrange channels in “Left-Right”, “Hand-Foot”, ”Yang-Yin”, “Triads”, “5 elements, ”Pairs” and other order.

Calculation: integrated software calculates data in accordance with the “General disorders” (general level of Qi, Kidney Qi, Heart Qi, interrelation between Stomach and Spleen), “Yang-Yin balance” (Yang-Yin, Left-Right, Hand-Foot), “Triads” (3 Yang Hand Left – 3 Yin Foot Right, 3 Yang Hand Right – 3 Yin Foot Left 3 Yang Foot Left – 3 Yin Hand Right, 3 Yang Foot Right – 3 Yin Hand Left), “Five elements” (Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water), “Pairs of Channels” (Yang-Yin, Midday-Midnight, ”Roots & Knots”) and “12 Channels”.

Block of strategy and tactics of treatment: the above mentioned software calculates necessary Acupoints, therapeutic methods and regime of treatment in accordance with the principles described above; a user may switch on a special Acupoints atlas.

Block of biorhythmology: calculates traditional Chinese chronobiological parameters of the year, day and intervals and the main interdictions for treatment.

All blocks described above are presented as a united system.