Pain Therapy – performed by very point technique

Dr.med.Jochen Gleditsch
D82065 Baierbrunn Herrmann Roth – Str. 12

In longstanding chronic pain conditions the therapeutic effects of acupuncture are improved by striking the acupoints as precisely as possible.

This is best performed by the very-point-technique: the point detection is achieved by the needle itself; therefore very fine and flexible needles are used.

In non responder cases and chronic pain conditions it is helpful to search the contralateral area too. As a rule a symmetric point is found sensitive. When this symmetric point is needled, in many cases pain is dispersed or reduced.

Microsystem acupuncture is most effective if performed by this very-point-technique, i.e. ear-, skull- or mouth acupuncture. Moreover there are areas at the hand, especially the area surrounding point Small Intestine 3 as well as the second metacarpal bone area (ECIWO), surrounding the point Large Intestine 4: Point detection at these areas often are helpful to overcome therapy obstacles. When the very-point technique is used, also the patient is involved in the detection process as he normally reacts spontaneously with a verbal affirmation, when the very point is struck .