Pathophysiology expressed in advanced auricular therapy

Frank, B.L. – M.D.


Dr. Paul NOGIER made the remarkable discovery of the homuncular projection of the body to the ear over 50 years ago. Since that time, most practitioners utilize only his most basic and initial findings, leading to less than satisfactory results in treatment.


The aim of this presentation is to convey the importance of the interrelationship of pathophysiology and the multiple phases of Auricular Therapy and to emphasize the enhanced therapeutic results obtained with incorporation of treating the advanced phases.


The method presented is a review of and synthesis of pathophysiology and the principals of advanced Auricular Therapy.


Beyond the simple Phase 1 presentation, Dr. NOGIER and his colleagues identified two additional Phases or projections that reflect pathophysiology that is either very dense or degenerative (Phase 2)  or intermediate and inflammatory (Phase 3) whereas the initial projection reflects very functional and energetic pathology.

Practice of auricular therapy using all three phases is critical to fully treat pathology that is more dense or histopathological, where the pathology is beyond soft energetic disturbances. Failure to do so will lead to disappointing therapeutic results.


In conclusion, treatment of advanced Phase points, when active, will lead to enhanced clinical response to treatment, rather than treating only the common Phase 1 points of the “inverted fetus” projections.