Phantom pains of the legs respond to skin magnets on the thorax

Timo Tovsa
Pollosenlahdenk. 9.A.6. SF-74130 Iisalmi. Finland

Phantom pains of the legs of 10 patients were treated with skin magnnets on the thorax, on the ipsilateral cranial ends (points K.27, Liv.14 and Sp.21) of the Yin-meridians. which have their origin in the leg. Patients altogether received 24 a’ 1-8 courses (mean 2,4, median 1 ) a’ 1-26 (mean about 12 ) days. Follow-up from one day to 26 months (mean 11 months).

Results: Eight patients got relief during the treatment. The frequency and intensity of the attacks were reduced in five (+ possibly 2=7) cases after the treatment, too. In the two non-responders the segmental or other symptoms seemed to be more prominent than the phantom pains; one of these non- responders possibly only had pains of segmental origin. (The difference between phantom and segmental pain is discussed). The only two patients who needed morphine, experienced this method as being practically better to morphine.

Side effects: One patient with angina pectoris and amputation of the left leg got a little increase of the chest pain. Three patients had temporary irritation of the skin, consequently pauses of a few days were needed.