Photobiological Basics of Low-Power-Laser-Therapy

H. Walter
Forschungslabor fur Biomedizinische Technik, Ferdinand Andristr. 2/3, A-3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs

In the clinical practice of application of Low Power Lasers to the human body you can find mainly 4 effects: A higher cell proliferation, an antiinflammatory, an antiedemic and an analgetic effect.

The until known mechanisms of these effects from a biochemical and photobiological view, i.e. stimulation of the respiratory chain, enhanced generation of reactive oxygen species or endorphins will be introduced and the main treating parameters such as wavelength, power, power density, energy, energy density and penetration depth well be explained.

Some ideas for yet not completely understood effects such as photomodification of blood with extracorporal or intravascular irradiation with red or infrared lasers will be presented for discussion