Potential use of auricular eletroacupuncture (AEA) induced hemostasia in surgical procedures.



Varicose veins is a multifactorial condition (prolonged standing, sedentarism, oral contraception, pregnancy) characterized by dilated and tortuous veins, but with an important inherited predisposition, highly prevalent in adults (20 to 40 %), predominatingly female (4:1). Surgical approach is the preferable treatment, and may be subject to bleeding of moderate intensity.


To determinate the possibility of the use of AEA for intraoperatory hemostasia.


Patient undergoing surgical treatment of varicose veins was subject to AEA (10 Hz) having the points selected according to chinese auricular chartography, both for locoregional and for general levels. Locoregionally, one needle was transfixed from inguinal region to knee, and the other from knee to ankle, both ipsis lateralis to the leg under treatment. At a general level, Spleen and Shen Men were needled.


a)    There were no alterations in the surgical phases due to interferences caused by AEA; b) Alterations on the bleeding intensity during the surgical cutting and traction procedures were identifiable (as seen in the video), correlated with the improvement of physiological hemostasia.


AEA may be a useful tool for obtaining intraoperatory hemostasis, possibly being helpfull also at the post operatory period, allowing a favorable recovery to the patient, as well as obtaining a reduction on postoperatory hematoma, allied with its low cost profile and wide range of use.