Prolotherapy: Beyond acupuncture and neural therapy for tissue functional restoration.



Beyond acupuncture and Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy is an important acupuncture-related technique largely unknown and unpracticed globally, even by many medical acupuncture practitioners, while it has been taught and practiced in the USA for over 50 years. Prolotherapy may be the most important acupuncture-related technique that has largely been omitted in most medical acupuncture practices.


The aim of this presentation is to introduce Prolotherapy as a potent, viable acupuncture-related technique and to encourage its integration within medical practices.


The method presented is a review of the principals of Prolotherapy for tissue regeneration and healing, especially where acupuncture and Neural Therapy have failed.



Prolotherapy involves restoring the integrity of supporting ligaments and tendons through the injection of proliferative agents, thereby restoring functional skeletal support. By removing the pathological load on myofascial tissues, the body can, in turn, arrest many chronic pain and degenerative pathologies. Further, regeneration of cartilage in joints may restore the joint surface and function.


Prolotherapy can significantly impact pain recovery and restoration of pain and function when acupuncture and Neural Therapy have failed to address the causal events. It is a critical therapeutic that warrants serious consideration.