Quality management in herbal therapy

Fritz Friedl
Bahnhofstr. 58, D-83513 Reitmehring, Germany

DECA was founded in 1988 by a group of German speaking physicians practising TCM phytotherapy.

Prelimination for development of evidence based medicine is collection of experience results. DECA introduces a network of physicians willing and being able to do documentation work in daily practice. Electronical mailbox systems, local groups and periodic national meetings allow the collection of case reports and data bases. The idea to build up a documentation system leads to comparable medical records and scientific results.

Treatment methods of TCM and other natural healing methods ace documentated insufficiently. The reason is not only the outsider position but also the lack of methods for evaluation. Unarguable methods like double blind studies present the results not in that detailed way we would like to do, because they neglect biographic context and treatment processes.