Reaction of acupuncture channels to extremal influences

M.M. Odinak, A.T. Kachan, E.B. Shustov, S.A. Kotelnikov
Dept. of Nervous Diseases, Medical Military Academy; 2 Lesnoy pr., 194175, St. Petersburg, Russia

Physical systems try to maintain homeostasis in extremal conditions influencing the men. Acupuncture channels (AC) take part in this maintenance. And the character of their reactions depends on the type of influencing extremal factor.

The aim of the investigation was to study peculiarities of changes in electroconductivity in Yuan points (AC) during the influence of different extremal conditions. 120 healthy volunteers (from 18 to 25 years old) have been exposed to the influence of high temperature (45 C) and humidity (95%), altitude (4500 meters high), fatigue in intensive 6-hour and daily physical loading. We have esfimated electroconductivity (EC) in Yuan points ( 100 mkA), hemodvmamic, neuroendocrine , regulation, cardiorespiratory system.

We have pointed out the activation of AC in any influence (average increase of conductivity was 5-10 mkA), but the level of activation of different AC hasn’t been the same. In 6-hour loading significant increase of activation of Heart, Liver and Kidney Channels has been marked. Daily physical loading has stimulated activation of Liver Channel and oppression of Spleen channel. Stimulating channels of Liver and Kidney and oppression Heart Channels has been marked in influencing high temperature and humidity. We have pointed out the activation of Liver channel in attitude (4500 metres high). Interrelations between Acupuncture Channels follow the rule of 5 elements, Character of EC changes has correlated with physiological and biochemical changes. In greater degree it refers to Yuan points.

So indexes of EC in Yuan (AC) points reflect the functional state of organs and physiological systems of the body.