Rehabilitation and Habilitation by Dry Needling and Low Level Density Laser Therapy

Gabriella Heghyi M.D.
Yamamoto Acupuncture – Rehabilitation Institute ( Hungarian Postgraduate Medical University ) Budapest, Hungary, 1196. Petofi u. 79 ( 361-1579523)

The rehabilitation-habilitation in a serious work for the team dealing with handicapped children as well as patient, who are suffering from moving disorders. The importance is, that every 5 patients is suffering from moving troubles in Hungary, that means near 10 Million apperance of outpatients in consulting room in a year. (Hungary has l OM. citizens)

The combined methods have taken place in various treatment forms of those patients.

1. Programm of treatment:

It is necessary – to have correct diagnosis, (CT, MRI, e.t.c)

– to set up the acupuncture-indication ( according to TCM )
– to supplement with other useful methods (radiological laser therapy, gymnastic exercises by special conductor, manual therapy, TENS, e.t.c )

2. Combined Acu-LLL (Low level density laser) therapy is powerful help:

– right indication, right parameters (output, energy, time) of LLL therapy
– the structure required for the propagation of the ACUimpulse is intact
– sooner starting with treatment

3. Neurological cases treated by combined therapeutical methods ( forms and doses )

4. Results due to combined treatment

5. Discussion