RL-TEST: A new method of acupuncture diagnostics

A.A Ukhtomski Institute of Physiology of St-Petersburg State University University emb., 7/9, St-Petersburg 199034 Russia

The goal of the current work was to create a correct express acupuncture meridians’ (AM) state research method with probably smaller measurement’s errorlevel and minimum dependence on the subjective factors. The electropuncture RL-test creation was a result of the conducted work. The new method is based on skin’s electrical conductivity in certain zones of 12 main AM research. It includes some new principles. The testing procedure takes not more than 5-7 minutes. The special diagram enable to notify even slightly changes in the AM state was developed for visual analysis of the given measurements. In 1,5 year of the RL-test work during diagnostics and AM correction at more than 300 patients we have received an extensive material, allowing to make the following conclusions:

1. Meridians, state and their relations’ character are significantly constant. They are stable against the customary environmental and internal factors’ influence. At the same time they are very sensitive to the strong changes in the organism’s state as well as to the particular acupuncture effects.
2. Meridians basically reflect the clinical status of a patient.
3. The appropriate meridians, state is particularly changed under the influence of classical and SU JOK acupuncture.
4. The particular acupuncture effect on the appropriate meridians’ state change is usually found out at once after the procedure and is kept up to 2 or 3 weeks and longer.
5. The particular changes in the meridians’ state are observed at moxa, laser, needles’ acupuncture and special SU JOK therapy magnets actions.
6. The right and left-hand meridians are characterised by relative independence.
7 . In more than in 90% of cases the well known in acupuncture laws of Subordination and Creation are reflected in meridians’ relations character.
8. The revealed RL-test opportunities permit to use it for valuation of meridians state as an objective tool express-method that is alternate to the traditional pulse diagnostics.