Some experience of applying acupuncture to Psora Pasients

Doctor Chzhu Lili.
Sen-Ya-Chgy Chinese Centre of Medicine Moscow, Russia

It is generally known that psora is a very complicated disease which is difficult to cure. Up to now psora etymology is still not clear, and there are rather many theoretical suppositions indicative of the situation . This disease was known in China three thousand years ago. There exist quite many treatment means in the Chinese traditional medicine. They have their own conception explaining the causes and the course of the disease, they have made up their classification clinical-development forms, such as vulgaris, arthritic, hyperaemia and skin ulcer.

We have used complex therapy which consists of: blood-letting from the points of acupuncture; corporal acupuncture along the points of the channels VB,V, RP, E, GI , depending on the etiologic pathogenesis which the limits of the Chinese medicine and localization process ; auricular therapy; fundles acupuncture ( meikhua – chzhen) ; moxa and fumigation with special wormwood (absinth) cigarettes. The number of treatment visits is from 7 to 15.

Sixty one patients, aged 16 to 65 , have been under our control; the periods of illness are up to 15 years. Strongly marked clinical improvement (full disappearance of skin symptoms) has been with 52 patients (82.5 percents). The highest effect has been achieved during txacerfation. In some cases remission has been marked during a year and a half.

Our report presents the method of complex treatment of psora.