SU-JOK therapy effects according the RL-TEST data

Y.A. Stupnitsky, A.K. Makarov
A.A Ukhtomski Institute of Physiology of St-Petersburg State University Universitv emb., 7/9, St-Petersburg 199034 Russia

The goal of this work was the establishing of an opportunity of particular change of an acupuncture meridians’ (AM) state with the help of SU JOK therapy. RL-test, a new method of meridians’ state electropuncture research was applied for the AM state valuation. It is highly significant and doesn’t depend upon the subjective factors. A diagram is developed for the analysis of AM relations. A scale of a skin electrical conductivity’s calculated parameter (CE) with the norm limits from 0.85 to 1.15 is submitted on a vertical axis. The AM according to the Creative Cycle (Sheng) of the Five element theory are located on the horizontal axis. The top row of a meridians designation concerns to the YANG system, the bottom – to the YIN one ( French indexation).

The meridians of the right (R) and left (L) part of a body are shown separately. That permits to investigate them independently. As an extensive material analysis shows the needles and special SU JOK therapy magnets application according the 6-QI technique (Park Jae Woo, 1995) particularly changes the state of a patient and his rneridians. The diagrams of a 60 years old woman with the complaints on strong dizziness are submitted as an example. The left meridians’ (L) diagram analysis make it possible to think that it is the Law of Subordination that shows itself in a chain of V, R – IG, C – GI, P relations. The left part : AM’s bias correction was conducted under the SU JOK therapy technique. For this purpose the 1 hour magnet TONIK of MULADHARA zone of chakra conformity on left-hand palm was conducted. A day after correction the redundant activity in V and R meridians relating to the influenced chakra had decreased. Further according to the Law of Subordination there was the increase in IG (Thin intestines) and the decrease in GI (Thick intestines). The dizziness had disappeared and did not arise hereinafter.

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