TCM-spleen pathology approach, based on applied quantum/chaos physics bioresonance diagnostics

Josif Mezei

Extreme extreme low intensity (EELI) changes are proven today to be characteristic for life processes, that is fine energetic changes are happening in our body far before biochemical ones. All those fine “energetic movements” are well known in TCM. We decided to study closer TCM-spleen pathology because energetically the spleen is the center of the “Five elements”, and belongs to “Earth”. So everything that lives on earth needs to be balanced with it and must resonate harmonically to it. This resonant connection is provided by a good function of the energetic spleen. Pear correspondence to this concept is available today in academic medicine. Using “the finest energetic medical device” as it’s father says, Prof. W. Nelson, who created it, we were able decode in medical terms what actually TCM-spleen pathology is.

Since 1998 patients have been investigated in our center, following a standard step procedure consisting of energetic abdominal diagnosis according to Yamamoto, clinical general examination, bioresonance procedure and confirmation with other pathology tests in both diagnosis and therapy. The bioresonance diagnosis and therapy (BAT) was performed with the Quantum QX multichannel beiofeddback device a complex energetic-medical device, developed in close connection to quantum physiological knowledge matric mathematics analysis of electrical parameters.

Extreme Extreme Low Frequency (EELF) wave measurements fractal theory and so on were selected with spleen deficiency syndrome, according to TCM, covering different evolutionary stages, from “Fire in the stomach leading to deficient Spleen Qi” to “cold weakening the Spleen Yang-Qi”, clinically expressed in bowel dysfunction, abdominal pain, depression and rectal bleeding. The BRT procedure revealed significant reactivity disturbances in connection to different groups of hydrolases, mieloperoxidase (MPO) and free radicals-lipid peroxidases as well as intestinal disbiosis with lymph congestion, fungal growth and protozoa infection leading to disturbed indolamine functions, affecting the brain. Traditionally meaning: spleen fluid disturbances with mucus accumulating, perverse energies and worry patterns. The clinical trial supports the affirmation that TCM spleen physiology and pathology is similar to EELF biofields generated by the portal venous and lymphatic circulation, as well as by the intestinal and biological environment.