Tensegrity Model Acupuncture (VST) protocol for Temporo-mandibular dysfuncion.

Choi Sun Kyoung – M.D.


Temporo-mandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJDs), commonly called “TMJ,” are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. Many patients suffer from pain from unknown causes and most of them are offered treatment options that generally mask symptoms. However, by understanding and treating the source of the patient’s pain, physicians may be able to treat much more effectively without implementing analgesic and muscle relaxant use that is prone to the development of tolerance and often associated with negative side-effects.


A more holistic view of the body will equip physicians to properly locate the source of pain within the vertices. And by recognizing and treating these misaligned areas, physicians will be able to treat and prevent various types of musculoskeletal condition.


This study uses Tensegrity Model Acupuncture as known as Vertex Synchronizing Technique Acupuncture (VST) to achieve realignment of joint structure biomechanically in 3 dimensions for treating TMJD.


In coronary view, the alignment of the patient’s pelvic girdle is achieved through treating UB 53 and/or GB30 and for the shoulder girdle use GB 22 and/or GB 23. In transverse view, SP-15, SP-14(Oblique Abdominal), ST-31(Sartorius), and GB-26(Psoas) are chosen for treatment.


VST focuses on the myofascial aspect and biomechanical alignment in the body. Treatment is focused on restoring three dimensional balance.