The acupuncture systems of the genitals

Anguel Kayadziev
Komplex ‘Trakia’, bl. 73, ent. ‘A’, app. 23, 4023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The genitals, as a part of the human body, have their energetic system which functions on several different levels and can be associated with the other microacupuncture zones.

This system is used in Tantra joga and the Daoist systems of longliving but has never been described in details. The data of my research will help to make clear the reasons for some gynaecological illnesses, as well methods of their quicker and more effective treatment.

We’ll present the organs of the human body along the penis in several ways: total and partial congruence. Examining the penis in the system San Djiao. We can treat of the penis in another energetic level, for example chakras, acupuncture points, wonderful meridians, five shu points etc.