The Hand Acupuncture Therapy for Carico-Omo Brachial Syndrome

Name in Japanese

Hand Acupuncture is based on Meridian doctory, from early 60’s develop the new acupuncture therapy. This method have main effect “Analgesia”. For carico-omo brachial syndrome, we treated 34 patients (F; 20, M; 14), in our clinic, from 1997. Epr. to 1998. Jun. The age of Patients were under 30yr. ; 4 (F2, M2), 31-40yr.; 3 (F1, M2), 41-50yr. ; 10 (F6, M4), 51-60yr. ; 9 (F5, M4), 61-70yr. ; (F3, M2), over 7lyr. ;3 (F3, M0).


The subjective complain were most of shoulder distress, muscle stiffness, disable move arm and pain, which generally occurred by mistaking sleep posture or after harder pull exercise, and shoulder periarthritis. We only used 2 hand acupoints, and 1 or 2 times therapy, the patients quickly relieved pain and can move arm. Our method used Houxi SI3 (Small Intestine Meridian) and Yemen TE2 (Triple Energizer Meridian). The needle stick from acupoint at fist of patient, insert horizontal into the palm of the hand, cause needling sensation radiate to finger spits, and order patient take moving neck and shoulder. Over 95% of patients at once eliminate pain and possible take lifting or rotating exercise. The some over 65yr. old patients maybe need more than 2 or 3 times therapy.


Many doctors take varions method, for carico-omo brachial syndrome. The acupucture doctor usually use many acupoints, for instance Bladder Meridian B (Fenmen, Dazhu, Tianzhu), Small Intestine Meridian SI (Houxi, Yanglao, Jianzhen, Tianzong, Ouyuan), Triple Energizer Meridian TE (Yamen, Waiguan), Large Intestine Meridian LI (Quchi, Jianyu), and Gallbladder Meridian G (Jianjing) etc. Our method based on the theory, which through sticking acupoint Hand Meridian Line contact disease or body distress, and attain traffic, rarefaction also make concession “QI” and “XUE”, then keep balance “YIN” between “YANG”, again make anodyne effect.


Our simple and short time method make effectiveness of pain and are glad for patients.