The influence of acupuncture on infradian rhythm of graving for alcohol in alcoholics at the remission stage

M.F. Tinofeev
Russia,107113, Moscow, Research-Practical Centre of Reflexotherapy of Alcoholism, Malenkovakaja Str., h-28, ap-33. Tel. : ( 095 ) 269-48I3.

Acupuncture is one of the methods of treatment which influence on chronobiological rhythm of organism. Our preliminary data revealed that craving; for alcohol in alcoholics at the remission stage is not constant. At the graphe reactivity of ethanol-dependent system (REDS) is acurve, like “running wave” with parts of maximum and minimum REDS. There are five parts of maximum and five parts of minimum REDS at the curve.

So, the task of present research was comparative study of influence of acupuncture and pharmacotherapy on infradian rhythm of REDS in alcoholics at the remission stage (66 days). Three groups of patients were inspected. Group I (control, n=30) – without treatment; group II (n=18) – was treated with pharmacotherapy (benzodiazepin-like preparation); Group III (n=20) – was treated by means of acupuncture. Objective research – REG above right and left frontal regions of brain. It was made the comparative analysis of coefficient of interhemisphere asimmetry after functional sample with ethanol smell, in comparison with background exponents, in per cents (C.as.%).

Data, we’ve got. Pharmacothernpy didn’t exert influence on infradian rhythm of REDS. Pharmacotherapy decreased sensitivity threshold of ethanol-dependent system (EDS) to alcohol irritants Acupuncture exerted triple influence on this reactivity: 1) From the first to 7th day of remission REDS lost its oscillatory character and REDS to ethanol smell lowered by lineal type; 2) At the 8th day of remission aversion of REDS happened: positive reaction of EDS changed for negative reaction of EDS to ethanol smell; 3) Displacement of curve of REDS to ethanol smell by phase towards “0” degree (“0” day) by 10 days happened.

So, we got the data that acupuncture exerted influence on infradtan rhythm of REDS to ethanol smell in patients with alcoholism at the remission stage.