The injection with Procain into a.carotis communis

Dr . H . Badke
Mirower str.15, 17207 Robel, Germany.

The injection into the vessels of the head has always been an injection which is very dangerous for the circulation.

In the official teaching opinion it is always considered as a complication and compels to stop the injection.

The author, who feels under an obligation to this analogy, takes up the tradition of Russian physicians who used the injection into the vessels of the head in the therapy of asthma. The author developed a test scheme in which the treated the patients at tinnitus and dizziness. Despite an increase of the dose up to 0,5 ml Procain no complications concerning the circulation were to be seen. The main effect is a “Passage-Syndrom” [BADTKE-Effect) in form of a light dizziness attach which didn’t cause any problems when the patient was in a lying position, only reminds of an intensified procain effect. The author carried out more than 40 injections into 4 patients. It’s not possible to say whether a relevant improvement of the therapy success is to be achieved by the injection into the vessels. Because of several logical derivable reasons the injection into the vessels should be newly discussed. Why shouldn’t it belong to the standard repertoire of the Neural therapy. The author shows procedure, the location of the injection and tries to give suggestions to the further development of this kind of injection in his lecture.