The method of electropuncture diagnosing in estimation of functional status of the liver

Dr. N. Shavlov, Dr. A. Sivakov, Dr. B. Shpilevoi, Dr. N Stepanova

The method of the electropuncture diagnosing (EPD) is one of the promising non-invasive methods for estimation of the functional status of humans. The aim of this work is to examine the possibility of EPD method for estimation of functional status of the liver.

Patients were examined by the method of Nacatany with apparatus “LEDIS”. A group of patients with chronic hepatitis B and C of different activity and a group of patients with liver cirrhosis were examined. The duration of disease was in the range from 1 year to 10 years. This group included 130 patients at the age of 1 to 20 years old. All the patients were examined morphologically (puncture biopsy). 30% of the patients had normal biochemical analysis, at the same time morphological changes were found in all examined patients. The correlation between EPD results and morphological (index of hystological activity) data was 0.65. There was no correlation between biochemical analysis and morphological data.

The results of the investigation show the possibility to apply EPD-method for complex estimation of the functional status of the liver.