The modern concept in elaboration of the system of acupuncture diagnostics

Dr. A. Romancuks – M.D., Dr. L. Baltina – M.D., Dr. A. Valgis – M.D.

At the basis of the several methods of diagnostics used in medicine (of Dr. Voll and others) there is determination of the physiological condition of the biological condition of the biologically active points.

It is generally known, that ohm resistant of the skin in the biologically active points is significantly smaller that at the places that are not biologically active. However, at the moment of measuring under the influence of the electric current there is an irritation of the BAP, that causes unpredictable changes not only in all the meridian corresponding to the point of this measurement, but also in other meridians. Therefore, in repeated measurements, it is never possible to get the data of the first measurement and the exactness of diagnostics becomes doubtful. In fact, the reaction of the BAP to the irritation of the electric current is being measured.

The current intensity used for the measurement in the modern systems of diagnostics is reduced to the maximum and does not show the desirable results. Therefore a possibility is searched to register the BAP condition without influencing BAP with the electric current (by determining ohm resistance indirectly).

In the LU Institute of Physics a BAP determining method without using the active current is elaborated and tested. The working principle of the method is based on the physiological and physically chemical differences of the BAP from the other places of the skin. The BAP determining takes place without contact. The BAP working capability of the method has been tested in the laboratory of the Institute of Physics and in Riga Hospital Nr.7.

The research made in Riga Hospital Nr.7 with the help of the system “ALAN” has proved, that to the separate pathological changes of organs and systems correspond a typical curve of the obtained data.

Repeated testing by using “ALAN” gives a possibility to judge about the effectiveness of the applied therapy and shows its possible imperfections.

The range of applications of the system is very wide. It is possible to use it working with simple methods of diagnostics (Nacatani), as well as making diagnostics after Voll, or using the computer diagnostic methods.