The rehabilitative functions of the chinese acupuncture with Taiji Gong for the sequela in wind stroke

Meifeng Zeng, X. Lin
P.R. China

“The Rehabilitative Functions of the Chinese Acupuncture with Taiji Gong for the Sequela in Wind Stroke ” is to apply the Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion on the patients’ body points, scalp stimulation lines and their auricle points or other experiment spots, and combining with exercise or be exercised with a unique Taiji Gong rehabilitation therapy in different patients, which based on the differentiation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the functional testing (ADL, QOL, etc.) in Modem Medicine, has the actions of dredging the meridians, regulating qi and blood, balancing yin and yang and aiming primarily at helping the patients recover their health mentally and physically. Practice and Modern studies have proved that the Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion have optimal regulating functions to the cardiocerebral vascular, neuroendocrine systems, and respiratory, urinary, digestive systems, in addition, improving the human body’s immunologic functions, strengthening the ability of the body to resist and recovery from ailments in the sequela of the Wind Stroke, especially, who practice or be practiced with Taiji Gong that greatly coordinated to the effects of the acupuncture treatments, helping the patients restore the various functions in maim or dysfunction of the motor system. It is considerably effective for the rehabilitation from the sequela of Wind Stroke.