The significance of the “Lyapko applicators” in the transformation of the immunological response and getting rid of alcohol, nicotine, drug


  • In the process of metabolism alcohols, nitrogen, ammonia and other components are formed in the human body, which pass into carbon dioxide and water at the final stage.
  • We break the physiological course of metabolic processes in the body if we drink alcoholic beverages: we break both cycles of metabolism – carbohydrate and adipoid; thereby the cycle of energy production begins with alcohol (spirit).
  • All processes in the human body are complete, self-contained, universal, complete and do not need external additional supplements (doping).
  • Due to bacteria and their transformations the human body gets almost all elements of the periodic table and does not require any chemical compounds, such as: alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and many synthetic pharmaceutical (medicinal) products.
  • All hormones which are involved in the life of an organism, such as cortisol, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), endorphins and others are produced. Alcohols are formed at the stage of transformation of carbohydrates and fats, nicotine-like substances are formed during the protein metabolism, so the body does not need to get them from the outside. When a person begins to receive drugs and hormones from the outside, then our “internal factories” stop producing them.
  • Multi-metal needle “Lyapko Applicators” can be used as an example of a simple method that allows a person to activate the ancient mechanisms of self-control, self-healing, and self-restoring at the physiological level, which form the desirable result, by affecting our body. Pricking the skin forms a reaction close to the stress, the body begins to react and discharges adrenaline.
  • The organism discharges huge amounts of biologically active substances from the “depots of its factories” in response to this, thus all types of immunity are turning on.
  • We have conducted researches using reliable methods on the base of the Crimean University and elsewhere. The results let us make the following conclusions:
  • Multi-metal needle applicators have expressed immunotropic effect by stimulating humoral and cellular immunity; The course of applicative impact, which includes 10 procedures, causes a redistribution of populations of major classes of immunocompetent cells in the peripheral blood of volunteers;One-time effect of multi-metal needle applicators is accompanied by a dramatic increase in levels of cortisol and endorphins in the blood, which have correlation connection with an increased number of CD22 + cells; During the application course the amplitude of effects of one-time applications decreases exponentially, leveling by the end of the last course session; In course impact of applicators an increased number of cytotoxic cells is observed with a cluster designation of CD8 and CD16, reaching a peak by the tenth procedure of application course;Implementation of immunotropic action of multi-metal needle applicators is provided by two nearly independent pathogenic ways: humoral effects are associated with the activation of stress-limiting systems; stimulation of cellular immune responses is not related to the physiological processes that serve the implementation of the response of the organism to the stress affect of multi-metal needle applicators.