The theory of Eight Origions and human body’s energy system

V. Nikolaeva
Su Jok Academy, Moscow, Russia

Methods of the classical acupuncture are based on the ancient concepts of the. Chinese naturel philosophy of which the principal ones are the Yin – Yang Law and the U-Sing Cycle. Yet, introduction of the ancient teachings intc the modern clinical practice is handicapped because the physician has to face the fact that certain ancient concepts cannot be proved; nor do they provide ground for an adequate assessment of the patients?s condition and its treatment. Time thus has been long overdue to provably consider these concepts.

This painstaking research was accomplished by South Korean scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo who has initiated Su Jok Acupuncture. An outcome of his work is the concept of the Eight Origions.

The concept of Eight Origions provides a new insight into the heritage of the old epoch, an understanding of the true meaning of the ancient postulates, and a possibility to translate them into the language of the modern science. On the basis of the Eight Origions theory we are able to expand our ideas of the energy circulation in the human body and to fuse the meridians and chakras into one energy system.

The practical value of the concept is in that it provides foundation for clear – cut and systematised energy-based diagnosis of any pathology and opens prospects for its treatment.