The traditional Chinese diagnosis in viewpoint of general pathological processes in humans

Dr. A. Kultaev – M.D., Dr. A. Zabirnik – M.D.

The integration of TCM into classical Western medicine is accompanied by a number of problems. Main among them, as it is accepted to consider, antiquities and primitiveness of applied scientific models created on a principle of analogy. However, given contradiction is not basic if we take into consideration a point of view of the authors.

Ancient Eastern and modern Western medical paradigms are not “intersected” on nosological level of the analysis of illness because of basic difference of initial fields of primary features of illnesses. It depends on different technical abilities of obtaining the facts (knowledge of a patient) and basic methodology of knowledge (from general to particular in the East and on the contrary in the West).

Required “crosspoint” is presented on another overnosological level, i.e. level typical or unspecified pathological processes investigated by a modern general pathology. Using such approach, the authors demonstrate conformity between a traditional Chinese and modern medical nomenclature. In particular:

“Cold” – disturbance of blood and lymph rnicrocirculation leading to dystrophy or necrosis;

“Fire” – inflammation, fever and hyperactivity;

“Wind” – disturbance of mechanism of autonomic and somatic nervous regulation (less in gumoral)

“Fullness/emptiness” – reflection of the whole gamma of changes of a general reactivity of an organism (hyper- and hyporeactivity, adequacy to the aetiological factors, change of a level of reactivity);

“Dumpiness” and “Dryness” – alternatively trended processes arising at disorder central neurogumoral regulation of hydroelectrolyte balance;

“Mucus” – local disorder of Body Fluids circulation due to local disorder of microcirculation and metabolism.

Thus, the translation of traditional Chinese diagnosis not into adopted nowadays nosological units hut into typical pathological processes – inflammation, disturbance nervous nutrition of tissues, dystrophy, disorder of microcirculation and metabolism etc. is an actual possibility of wide integration of methods and approaches of TCM in modern medicine and medical education.