The use of gas discharge visualisation method (GDV) to evaluate the patients’ state and estimate effectivity of a complex way of treatment, including acupuncture

Dr. R. Alexandrova – M.D. et al.

A complex investigation of 312 patients and 40 healthy persons was performed. As a main theoretical principle, we used a holistic conception, based on the approaches of synergetics and oriental medicine. The investigation included analysis of GDV-parameters of the fingers.

The physical ground of GDV-method is Kirlian effect a “crown” luminescence, which appears around objects in the electric field of high tension.

The correlations between the electrophysiological characteristics of fingers (evaluated by GDV-method), brain (electroencephalogram), heart (electrocardiogram) were revealed. The significant role of autonomic neural system disturbances in the regulation of the balance of bioelectrical activity was proved.

In patients with the mild course of the disease the GDV-parameters (square of a picture, noise level and fractal coefficients) approximated to those of the healthy persons and reflected the psychophysiological condition of the subject rather than the nosological diagnosis. The exacerbation of the disease, as well as the growth of its severity, was accompanied by the marked changes of GDV-parameters: the decrease of the square of a luminescence, noise level and fractality of a picture.

The mechanism of action of some drugs and acupuncture session was evaluated by GDV-method and breath function study. The analysis showed, that the significant difference exists between the effect of broncholytics and the “weak” influences (acupuncture – AP – and homeopathic drugs). The influence of AP on breath function was significantly lower than the effect of broncholytics inhalation. At the other hand, the AP session lead to significant positive changes of GDV-parameters, and the berotec inhalation caused negative GDV-changes in most of the patients.

The “one-session” use of the constitutional homeopathic drugs lead to the positive GDV-changes significantly more often, than the use of placebo.

The results of the study show that the changes of bioelectrical activity may play an important role in the improvement of bronchial permeability.

The study also revealed, that GDV-method can be used in evaluation of the peculiarities of the course of the disease and the effect of the treatment.

The results of the investigation confirm the principles of synergetics and oriental medicine about the effectivity of the “weak” influences. They also give the possibility to recommend the complex treatment, including the allopathic methods (broncholytics) and natural therapy (AP and homeopathy) as a way to heighten the effectivity of treatment of the asthmatic patients.