Thyroid functions in patients with primary deformative osteoarthrosis and laserotherapy treatment efficiency

L.A. Lepilina, L.R. Gabitova, O.V. Minyaeva, R.G.Kamalova
Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa, Russia

We have observed 34 patients with primary deformative osteoarthrosis (PDOA). Thyroidtropic hormone(TTH) and thyroid gland hormone levels (T3 ,T4 ) were determined with radioimmunologic method in all patients before and after treatment.

Summary content of glycosaminoglycans (GIAG) and uranium acids (UA) in serum and urine were investigated simultaneously . The patients were observed in dynamics after 14-15 days treatment.

Laserotherapy was carried out with the help of “Usor” apparatus using the segmental and local points of acupuncture. 3-4 points were punctured during the sitting, the time of procedure being 12-15 minutes. The course of treatment consisted from 10-15 sittings. The results of investigation revealed that in females, suffering from (PDOA) the level of T3 (P<0,05) was reduced statistically.

T4 content was within control limits (P>0,05). (TTH) quantity increased in response to T3 reduction, i.e. reverse relationship in patients was preserved. The GAG and UA levels in peripheral blood and urine exceeded the findings in healthy patients (P<0,05, P<0,05, P<0,05, P<0,05).

Thus, in PDOA females with full clinical picture of the disease subclinical hypothyroid, with T3 level reduction was revealed. Laseropuncture with “Usor” apparatus proved to be effective not only regarding; clinical findings but also as a method of correction of the thyroid hormone level.