Traditional Chinese Medicine for everyday problems

Dr. P. Shearman – M.D.


I have been across with the TCM Acupuncture study in Singapore and China for several years. With this study, I have gained some valuable knowledge and experiences, which I wish to share with the Eastern and Western Medical Practitioners in order to expand my research in this area. Below are the examples that I had experienced during my stay in Thailand and Singapore.

Example One:

While travelling in Bangkok, Thailand, I visited a Pharmacy and was talking to the Pharmacist and a German tourist with her translation book was trying to explain to the Pharmacist that she has a migraine headache and wanted something to relieve the terrible pain she had in her head. I asked her if she would mind if I touched her head and she said no. I put my thumb and the side of my nail on Du 20 and it was tender. I pressed hard until her eyes watered and then pressed LI 4 (Hegu). It was tender but I pressed hard and asked her how was her headache. She rolled her head and concentrated for a second and said: “It’s gone”. “How did you do that?” The Pharmacist also was impressed and was Very interested in this little bit of “magic”.

Example Two:

Two Europeans staying with us in Singapore confided in that they had been constipated for 5 days. Firstly, I got them to drink a large tumbler of water straight down. Then, as they were males I treated the left side of the body by inserting 2.2 cun needles, one in LI 11 and one in K 3 (for females I would have treated the right, side). I then proceeded to do the reducing method on LI 11 (because of the heat in the LI) by holding the top of the needle and rotating the needle in large circles anti clockwise for 2 minutes and repeated every 5 minutes. Then, I treated K3 by turning the needle in large circles clockwise for 2 minutes and repeated every 5 minutes and both needles were retain for 25 minutes.

The theory here being that when there is fire (LI) pour on water (K). After leaving the needle in for 20 minutes the 1st patient immediately got of the bed straight to the toilet and emptied his bowels. The 2nd patient had the same treatment but it was 15 minutes before he emptied his bowels. The two patients had both tried laxatives before but with no success before asking for acupuncture treatment.


As from the above examples, I believe that a lot of malfunctions can be rectified and treated by means of TCM concept and better result can be achieved in the early stage to avoid the use unnecessary chemical drugs for treatment of diseases.