Trap for shell fragments: New non – invasive method for treating injured

Dusanka Mandic
Federal Institute of Public Health – Belgrade, Bulevar AVNOJ-a 104, Yugoslavia,

New non-invasive method in healing of injured has been practised for four years now.

Wounded were treated using modern and traditional medical procedures by working in synergy. Magnets are set up separately or as a trap, plaster fixed to skin, using the knowledge and skills of acupuncture and anatomy with full respect of the gravitation force.

The method with magnetic trap is patented in Yugoslavia under patent right P566/95.

Apart from war injuries the trap is used in peace time for treatment of occupational, sports and household accidents.

Ferrous foreign bodies at different locations were evacuated and that 44% in the period from 5-40 days, 2% arrived under skin after a year. Slow migration of foreign body produces minimal injury and destruction to the surrounding tissue in which proximity and through which it is removed. There were no side effects.

Ferrous method is non-invasive inexpensive, applicable both on inpatients and outpatients and in the field service therapy.

Non-invasive method of – mild stimulation of acupunctural points using permanent ceramic magnet proved as the method of choice in treatment of injured with single and multiple ferrous bodies.