Treatment methods for acute and chronic pain syndromes in a private acupuncture clinic (Chania – Crete – Greece).


In my private clinic, as an orthopedic surgeon – acupuncturist and ozone-laser therapist, the last four years I am using a combination of treatment methods for  acute and chronic pain syndromes:

1) Classic acupuncture point therapy according to Chinese syndrome differentiation by using local, adjacent and distal points and special needling techniques (with or without moxibustion)-sinew-divergent channels. 2) Ear acupuncture according to phases of tissue degeneration.(with needles or laser or  electro acupuncture, 3) Electro acupuncture by using special circuits, 4) Dry needling techniques, 5) Medical acupuncture by using sensitive homeostatic, symptomatic and paravertebral points (ETPS acupuncture), 6) Special acupuncture points according to doctor Tung’s acupuncture, 7) Laser point therapy, 8) Ozone therapy according to the protocols of the Italian scientific association of ozone therapists.(Milano), 9) Prolontherapy (in enthesopathies), 10)Japanese acupuncture (Ryodoraku), 11)Abdominal acupuncture, 12)Neuro-acupuncture techniques, 13)Koryo hand therapy, 14)ETPS acupuncture

After 5-7 painless and less invasive treatments (once a day or even twice a week and 20-40 minutes   for each treatment) most of my patients are without pain or with minor symptoms, they don’t need any medication and they avoid any surgical intervention.

210 cases between the years 2006-2010.

Cervical pain: 55 cases.                               Lumbar pain: 170 cases

Sciatica: 35 cases

Age: 20-83 years old.                                   Duration of illness: 4 days to 24 months.

Frequency of treatment: Once a day or twice a week

Total number of treatments:

5-7(Rarely 10 -15 treatments)


A combination of various  acupuncture methods and related techniques is the best way to treat acute and chronic cases of low back pain, sciatica and neck pain.