Treatment of Stargardt Disease with Acupuncture.


Stargardt  disease,known as Fundus Flavimaculatus,is caused by a mutation in gene called ABCA4 and characterized with central vision loss.

First; patients with Stargardt disease complain about being unable to read.

The pigment called Lipofuscin,accumulating slowly in macula and surrounding retina constricts vision aquity in time.

Afterwards patients may start not to discriminate the colors and to lose depth perception.

Adaptation disorders and poor sight in shining light are the most common issues patients with Stargardt  disease complain about.

The disease can be diagnosed when the patient is above 20 years old.

The appearance of a beaten metal in macula is typical.

Vision field tests are very severe in diagnose of the disease.

With the electro-acupuncture treatment we apply we have succeeded in treating the Stargardt disease using 0.25×0.25 steel needles.

The improvements of the vision field tests of patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt disease show us that acupuncture will play a serious role in treatment of other genetic diseases.