Vacuum therapy in Obsterics

Dr.Tamara Khvan , Tatyana Kim
Women Hospital, Korsakov, Russia

The vacuum therapy has been used by us in the form of cupping-glasses massage: This very effective method of treatment can be applied both independently and in combination with acupuncture. For the first time the cupping-glasses massage was applied to the pregnant women. 126 pregnant suffering from early and late gestational toxicosis were treated. 78% of all had attendant vasculocardic, endocrine, gastroenteric diseases, nephritis and others.

In the course of treatment with the cupping-glasses massage no medicines were given to the pregnant. In the control group 128 pregnant received medicinal treatment in the hospital.

In the first group of patients who received the cupping-glasses massage during pregnancy the assessment of the newborn infants at birth was made according to Apgar scale. With 8-9 marks 70% infants were born ; 6-7 marks – 22% ; 4-5 marks – 8%. There were no cases of deadbirth (during first 7 days).

In the second group of pregnant who received medicinal treatment with 8-9 marks 25% infants were born; 6-7 marks – 51% ; 4-5 marks- 23% ; 1% were born dead.

Conclusions: Vacuum therapy is an effective method of treatment in obstetrics. Advantage: it has no collateral effects on the pregnant’s body and foetus. It sufficiently improves the uteroplancental circulation of blood. It’s a preventive measure against infant’s and mother’s death. Treatment is carried out in outpatient conditions that’s why being highly effective it doesn’t require the pregnant women to be hospitalized.