Vegetative disorders in children living in harmful environment from the point of view of TCM

Dr. A. Zabirnik – M.D., Dr. N.Smirnova – M.D.

Practically in every person living in harmful environment and suffering from Chemobyl disaster, syndrome of vegetative disorders (VD) is revealed. Autonomic dysfunction mostly dominates in a clinic manifestation of disease and usually can not be easily treated by the means of classical medicine.

The purpose of our research was to optimize diagnostics and treatment of children with VD, who suffered from Chernobyl disaster and live in harmful environment, by definition leading pathogenetic mechanisms of VD development from the TCM point of view. Traditional clinical Chinese diagnostics and computer pulse diagnostics (CPD) developed in our laboratory were used as basic methods.

According to the data of the complaints and children examination (37 boys at the age of 14-I5) symptoms of an internal wind and deficiency Ying of Liver, Kidneys, combined with one from the following syndromes:

– rising Yang – Liver up;

– emptiness Yang – Spleen, stagnation of dumpiness and blocking of lifting clear Yang up;

– emptiness of blood – have been detected.

Realization CPD has confirmed conclusions of clinical observations and has allowed to evaluate interaction of organs at existence of VD. Besides the abovementioned pathology, CPD has revealed syndrome of a wind and cold Small, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder, which are not detected according to clinical signs. The changes of pulse were complex, that corresponded to existence of their complex pathology. As for our judgement the detection of pulse symptoms of an external wind – cold on pulse Fu of organs of all patients , testifies constant external penetration of pathogenic factors of a wind and cold, that corresponds to the harmful effect on the organism ksenobiotics, radionuclides.

From the TCM point of view, the deficiency Ying of Kidneys, Liver and its consequence in examined children is’ the most important issue.

The syndromes of rise Yang – Liver up and Wind of Liver, syndrome of empty of blood are mostly dominate at VD; little less often – empty Yang – Spleen with accumulation of dumpiness and blocking of rise clear Yang up.

The syndromes of emptiness and cold Small, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder show the inhibition of their functional activity in process of production of common Ying, that causes deficiency Ying.

The analysis of the pulse data allows to draw the conclusion that deficiency Ying of Kidneys, Liver, Blood, which dominate in clinical manifestation at VD in children, are secondary and arise due to disturbance of activity of Fu-organs and Spleen.

Pulse data obtained allow to offer the scheme of pathogenesis of VD. On the base of this pathogenesis we offer tactics of therapy of VD and accompanying pathology in children living in harmful environment. The comparison of diagnostic informativeness of classical version of clinical diagnostics and computer pulse diagnostics demonstrates that the efficiency CPD has sufficient depth and helps to reveal disturbance of a function of organs at subclinical stage.